The Bobbingn Bulletin.

The following is an extract from 'The Bobbington Bulletin' dated February 1879:

The Editor begs to apologise to the readers of the Magazine for the late issue of this number.

The month of January has been unusually severe; a severe frost of so long continuance has not been known for upwards of forty years.

There have been partial thaws just enough to make the roads more slippery than before, when at night the frost has returned.

The whole of December also was frosty, with snow, with the exception of the three last days of the month, which were warm and bright.

On January 1st snow fell, and then commenced the frost with occasional-snowy days, which lasted till February 2nd, when a thaw commenced which has since continued.

But even yet, in cold and sheltered-places ice is still to be seen.

Snow Drops are now beginning to bloom.

£15 15s 0d have been placed in the Bank for the Restoration Fund of Bobbington Church, from these sources:

£. s. d.
Mrs. Moseley 10 0 0
Mrs.Hatton (by Mrs. Moseley) 0 10 0
The Rev. G. Billell 2 10 0
Miss Pearman 2 15 0
15 15 0

We must entreat our friends to continue their good works to lessen the debt still remaining.

There have been no occurrence in our little Parish to record; we ought to feel thankful for the absence of misfortune, for we cannot imagine that we have any claim from our superior deserving.

There has not been any public news of any great importance, the last intelligence from Afghanistan tells of a prospect of peace.

The Parliament will meet during this month.