Gospel Ash Methodist Church.
Gospel Ash Methodist Church

The first Methodist Church in Gospel Ash was opened in 1830.

It was a one roomed building with seating for 70 people and was built at a cost of £80.

Even before this the Methodist people of the area met in the home of a local Farmer.

By 1881 this Church was too small to accommodate the people who attended and so in 1882 it was decided to build a larger Church.

The foundation stones for the present building were laid in July 1884 and the Church was opened and dedicated in 1883 at a cost of £500, a very large sum of money in those days *.

There have been various improvements to the premises over the years, but in 2003 it was agreed that the Church and its rear premises should be brought up to the standards that are required for the 21st century.

The rear premises were extended to facilitate a new kitchen along with new toilets a septic tank, disabled access and refurbishment of the community room.

In the church the pulpit was lowered and the area around it carpeted and the remaining wooden floor sanded and sealed to reveal the beauty in its grain.

The large car park has been resurfaced and the entrance widened with new fence and gates.

Although the premises had been made fit for the 21st Century, the church closed in 2013.

* Many thanks to Mr. Eric G Knowles for pointing out that the church could not have opened in 1883 if the foundation stones were not laid until 1884.

If anyone knows the actual dates, please contact us at history@bobbington-village.co.uk.