Parish Council Minutes - May 1902.

Parish Meeting held at White Cross Schools on Thursday May 22nd 1902 at 7 P.M.


Mr C.Timmins proposed that either Thursday or Friday be kept as a holiday; for the Master were not willing to give two holidays

Mr J.Whitehouse acquiesed in the matter as the men would go elsewhere on those days; F. Horne thought that as Mrs Peel was away from Leaton Hall they ought to put off the affair until July 1st.

The Revd. T.W.Wasdale-Watson proposed that July 1st be the day fixed for the rejoicings and that a special service be held in the Church on that day and a band be engaged if required;

That a hot dinner of Roast beef and Mutton be given to the men, one half at Bobbington, the other half at Halfpenny Green at 1-30 o’clock.

That a Tea for women and children be provided at the White Cross Schools, consisting of Ham Sandwiches etc. at 3-30 P.M.

F. Horne proposed that some sports be provided for the amusement of all concerned on the same scale as the Jubilee, J.Price seconded.

Committee formed to arrange for dinner and tea etc. viz:

F.Horne, J.Whitehouse, E.Brown, J.Price, G.H.Crump, G.Arkinstall, W.Arkinstall.

F.Horne to act as Treasurer and E.Brown as Secretary.


F.Horne proposed that a Committee of Ladies be formed to collect funds for supplying the children with medals and he hoped that Mr Moseley would take the matter up.


That the Committee assemble on Thursday May 29th at 7.30 to arrange matters.