Colin Short's Memories of Bobbington Skydiving Centre - 1965
Bobbington Skydivers

In early 1965 at twenty one years of age, Colin Short (pictured centre) noticed an article in a national newspaper accounting the formation of a civilian Sky Diving Centre at Halfpenny Green Airport announcing the first training course and that interested persons should apply, to which he immediately responded.

"A few days before, I set off by train to Wolverhampton with my bicycle then cycled to the airport.

On arrival I spent the night in my sleeping bag on the hangar floor, and the duration of my stay. A nice lady at a local shop kindly made me breakfast and allowed me to wash and brush up

The training course under "Major Mike" and his team was intensive in both practical and theory culminating in three jumps from Auster type aircraft.

I continued parachuting at the centre for a short while but then started my own Dental Laboratory business, from which I retired after thirty six years.

I have fond memories of Halfpenny Green and the view descending on a red sunset evening on a cushion of air, what a beautiful sight it was"